Intersteel is a company that constantly strives to invest and raise its standards for social development, environmental protection and respect for fundamental rights and business ethics.

The company has adopted a flexible and open management policy in order to reconcile the interests of all parties in a common approach to quality and sustainability. The main standards of responsible social policies applied by the company are:

Health and Safety, Conditions and Human Capital

The company’s main asset is its staff, because it is taken care to provide him with a safe and healthy working environment in which employees can operate productively. The company strictly follows all national legal norms in the field of health and safety

Environmental Protection and International Standards

The company complies strictly with all applicable legal and other environmental protection requirements under international standards. The company has clearly set long-term strategies for controlling energy efficiency and accompanying costs and reducing environmental pollution; collection, storage and recycling of industrial and other waste; environmental protection and improvement of its parameters.

Social Responsibility

We take special care of our employees, the environment and ultimately we are committed to the economic and social development of the regions we operate. The company is involved with a number of charitable activities and social initiatives that show our attitude toward society and a good will to contribute to its development

Business Tradition and Economic Potential

Main Corporate Objectives

In the devastated economy of Kosovo, starting from scratch as a result of the war that happened, to create the image of a serious manufacturer with all the features of a successful western manufacturers. Increasing the capacity and the benefit of new customers, which would result in increased sales and increased financial performance. Better organization of advertising and sales checkpoints, at home and abroad.

Sales and Marketing

Longer seen in the context of prospects, namely corporate development, we plan to become an exclusive company specialized in metal processing and manufacturing of various metal products. The corporate objective is to increase the capacity and benefit of new customers, which would result in increased sales and increased financial performance. This will be facilitated by the better organization of the trading network and the qualitative finalization of our productions. Regarding sales forecasts, we are optimistic that we will positively design our products in planned volume. All this work was preceded by a market study. Based on the data obtained we will develop and pursue a marketing offensive strategy. All the time we will be active as in the further research of the Kosovar and foreign market, permanently identifying the needs of buyers.